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Ingress Invites, a new challenge is born *solved*

Hi all,

the next one is coming, you want to play Ingress, so prove you deserve it with this challenge, the rules are easy.
Solve the challenge and get an invite code, post it into comments that you solved it.

Let the games begin:


Solution (spoiler):

OK, here we go.
First of all you got an jpg file, it’s again too big for an normal jpg file with this size, so you can extract an hidden zipfile from this jpg, there are 2 possibilities.
The first one is just start winrar and use this jpg like an zipfile, I was not aware of this method.
2nd one is to load this file in a hexeditor and find the first occurance of FF D9, this is the end of a jpg file, everything behind this is a new zip file, was called hidden.zip.
To extract this you need the password you can see on the jpg itself, it’s hex, so convert it to ascii:
53 47 51 4e 7a 79 45 4a 4b 7a 67 38 4a 77 39 4a 67 35 45 70 38 75 58 53 53 56 41 78 62 52
becomes SGQNzyEJKzg8Jw9Jg5Ep8uXSSVAxbR.

After unzipping you will find several files and directories.
You get a .ssh directory with an ssh private an public key, a bash history file, a crypt file and some bookmarks, now you have to puzzle those files together.
The crypt file is just for making the jpg bigger and to trick you, there is nothing you can do with this one.
In the bash history file you will find many commands, all of them are working but only one is really interesting for you: ‚dd if=/dev/mem | netcat 9000‘
Here you will see an IP adress, you need this for connecting via ssh.
Ok so we have part 1 of 3 for an ssh connection, next you will need is a username, this one can be found in the .ssh/id_rsa.pub the public ssh key. Here you find ingress@0xC0FF33, so the username is ingress.

Now if you try to connect with this username and keyfile you will be asked for an secret for the ssh key.

So we remember the bookmarks file? Most of those links are very known for the ingress community, but 2 you don’t know I guess. One is an portal calculator and the other one ist nuklearerwinter.de.
If you try the 2nd one you will see an not working page so where to go on?
Check the calculator, at the end hidden is a message for you, you can see this message in the source of the webpage or via marking the whole page, the message is:

Another one bites the dust,
nuklearerwinter is not what you need,
but it’s nuklearer-winter

ok, so let’s head to nuklearer-winter.de and we see not really much… just a picture, but we have to look deeper, the source again, not very hidden we will find some weird meta code:
01010011 01010010 01011010 01100111 01110100 00110101 01010110 01011001 00110101 00110111 01101111 00110100
and here we go, convert the binary string to: SRZgt5VY57o4.

No we can connect to the webserver and a message will be sent out where the invite code was hidden.

Thank you everybody for taking part with this game, hope it was the same fun for you like for me.
Congratulations go out to Jargon who solved the challenge.

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  1. 5. Januar 2013, 02:32 | #1

    I solved it! \o/

    Fantastic challenge! Thank you very much for the past few hours of tearing my hair out… it was a lot of fun! :D

    I almost called it quits cause it’s late here but then it finally clicked :))

  2. Luigi
    5. Januar 2013, 11:46 | #2

    I am stuck, I can’t say more on the comments but I am blocked on a second passphrase… at least if I am doing right! Next hint? or anybody solved it yet?

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